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Code of Conduct

HBC-A: Code Of Conduct

HBC-A Code of ConductSection ONE (1) – General KnowledgeSection 1.1: General RulesRespect everyone, regardless of rank, gender, age...
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HBC-A: Pay Information

HBC-A PAYThe HabboCreate Agency offers to supply the most competitive pay with our excellent bonus schemes. The HabboCreate Agency will Pay ...
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Rank List

HBC-A: Rank List

Agency Rank ListStandard Ranks (Promoted every 30 min) Prices = new rank _ old rank (if a member of the Agency.)In charge of ...
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Special Units


HBC-A AlliancesIf you wish to become an ally of HabboCreate Agency then please read following:Our Alliance Requirements:- Must have an act...
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Special Units

Special UnitsTransfer Unit - /Internal Affairs IA is Special Unit within HBC-A which makes sure that everyone in our agency is happy an...
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Staff Information

Disciplinary Actions Guide

Disciplinary Actions GuideThis guide will introduce you to the Disciplinary Actions within HBC-A. In HBC-A we use a warning and a strike sys...
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Divison Task Overview

Division Task OverviewAre you confused about your new role in the agency or wonder what you need to improve to get promotions quicker?This...
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Fired/Ban on Sight List

FIRED/BAN ON SIGHT LISTPeople that have previously been fired are not to be hired again. If there's someone in base that's under BOS pleas...
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Leave of Absence (LOA)

HBC-A Leave of AbsenceIf you do wish to take an extended leave for over two weeks you are able to apply for Leave of Absence (L.O.A), this...
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