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Habbo Agencies & Militaries

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Habbo Defense Agency

Habbo Defense AgencyHabbo Defence Agency (HDA) is a fast growing agency on Habbo. They are known for their events and alliances. Their allia...
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United Nations

Habbo United NationsUnited Nations (UN for short) is a popular agency on Habbo that is known for their use of the arrow system to manage...
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United States Defense Force

United States Defense ForceUnited States Defense Force (USDF) is one of the largest and most active militaries in Habbo Hotel. They are most...
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Secret Service

Secret ServiceSecret Service (SS) is one of the most successful agencies on the hotel. Its community has been actively growing throughout...
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Habbo Agencies

Habbo AgenciesHabbo Agencies are community-based chat rooms on Habbo that give players an opportunity to earn credits by offering them ...
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