Habbo Messenger

The Habbo Messenger is a Habbo feature where messages can be exchanged between users. It is also known as the private messaging (PM) tool on Habbo. It is a client-based messenger - any user can message any of their online friends right away on the game.

How to use the Messenger

Playing in PC

In your hotel taskbar, a list of online friends is shown. Just click identifier (the green rectangle) of any online friend and sub-buttons will appear. Click the blue chat button with an exclamation point in it. Then, a conversation preview screen will appear.

Playing in Mobile or Tablet

If playing on mobile or tablet, same instruction applies as well. Navigate through your online friends and click the chat icon. Then, a conversation preview screen will appear.

Mass Messaging

Also known as Invite. It allows the users to send the same message across different people. It is mostly used to invite friends to events. In order to send a mass message (invitation) just navigate through friend list and highlight the user(s) whom you want to invite or message. Then, click the Invite Friends button to send the message. The button is represented by an arrow pointing to a room


Offline Messaging

All users can message any offline friends, as long as the other user is able to receive offline messages. The user who sent the message will receive an alert saying that the other user is not online. The offline user can read the message when s/he comes online.

Inappropriate or Against the Habbo Way Messages

Any user can report anyone who sends them inappropriate or sexual messages. Just click the Report button inside the conversation preview screen for Habbo’s moderation system to take action.