Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle

The Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle became available on the 3rd of December 2018.

Bundle for buying the bundle
Badge code: X1836

Bundle information

The bundle was priced at 199 credits.

There were a total of ___ purchases of this bundle according to HabboWidgets.

Furniture included

  • 6x Rope Divider
  • 1x Illuminated Winter Tree
  • 1x Winter City Piano
  • 7x Winter Stage Backdrop
  • 12x Winter Stage Curtains
  • 2x Rocky Road
  • 1x Romantique Lamp
  • 1x Microphone
  • 11x Imperial Pillar
  • 1x Guitar
  • 19x Black Marble Floor
  • 2x Winter City Ball Light
  • 1x Winter Shrub
  • 8x Winter City Pavement
  • 2x Winter Stage Stairs
  • 3x Imperial Building
  • 8x Winter Curtain Top
  • 15x Winter Stage
  • 1x Winter City Christmas Tree
  • 1x Rockabilly Guitar Case
  • 1x Shamisen Guitar
  • 5x Red Carpet
  • 9x Winter Stage Window
  • 8x Dark Snow Patch
  • 1x Bushy Pine Tree
  • 1x Winter Stage Harp
  • 2x Winter City Stool
  • 5x Winter Stage Chair
  • 1x Winter City Ticket Booth


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