Danish Forest Bundle

The Danish Forest Bundle was available on the 12th of November 2018.

Badge for buying the bundle

Badge Code: HYG06

Bundle Information

The bundle was priced at 99 credits.

There were a total of 73 purchases of this bundle according to HabboWidgets.

Furniture Included

  • 1x Ditch Corner

  • 3x Tatami Table

  • 2x Deep Water Patch

  • 2x Lemon Tree

  • 2x Ginkgos Tree

  • 8x Long Grass

  • 2x Lost Tribe Small Stage

  • 2x Moonlight

  • 1x Laptop

  • 1x Tall Tree

  • 2x Tree Stool 2

  • 1x Hand Water Pump

  • 2x Bush Divider

  • 1x Big Mossy Rock

  • 5x Floor Tile

  • 1x Stair Block

  • 1x Chilli Rope

  • 5x Grass Patch

  • 3x Stage

  • 1x Blue Snow Roof

  • 1x Pizza Box

  • 2x Grass Patch

  • 5x Forest Wall

  • 1x Camouflage Folding Chair

  • 5x Thorny Grass

  • 2x Ditch

  • 1x Grey Stone Building

  • 2x Tool Shed

  • 1x The Lost Skull