Wild West Bar Bundle

The Wild West Bar Bundle became available on 2nd of April 2018. 

Badge for buying the bundle
Badge Code: MSC01

Bundle information

The bundle was sold for 199c.

There were a total of 510 purchases of this bundle according to HabboWidgets.

Furniture Included

  • 4x Market Display 
  • Tumbleweed
  • Saloon Doors
  • 4x Attic Divider 
  • 2x Playing Cards
  • 10x Large Red Wooden Stage
  • Black Grand Piano
  • 21x Dark Wood Floor 
  • 6x Hotel Wall 
  • Wanted Poster
  • 4x Outhouse Teleport 
  • 6x Red Wooden Stage Roof
  • 2x Indian Poncho
  • 2x Ship Corner 
  • 6x Stair Block 
  • Water Barrel
  • 4x Wooden Tile 
  • 2x Haunted Chandelier 
  • 5x Saloon Bar Desk 
  • Tin Spittoon
  • Attic Gate
  • Saloon Drink Cabinet
  • Terracotta Spittoon
  • 10x Cracked Clay Tile 
  • 8x Saddle Seat 
  • 3x Barrel Table 
  • Longhorn Skull
  • Drink Tray
  • 10x Wild West_wallpapername

It also includes two Indian Poncho, an exclusive clothing from the bundle.

Room Preview