VIP Club

The VIP Club is simply also known as VIP. It was one of the Habbo's membership services alongside with the Habbo Club. The VIP Club grants the users additional benefits such as more options for avatar clothing, exclusive VIP badges and achievements, and exclusive chat commands. This feature was released in April 2010. VIP replaced HC in late 2011 making VIP the only membership option for over 2 years. VIP was removed from the game and HC was reinstated on January 16th 2013.


The benefits of VIP Club and Habbo Club had slight differences back then. 


The player could had bought one month of VIP for 25c or 3 months for 60c. During the 2012 Easter season the player could have bought one year of VIP for 100c and have got a special badge. When the playing completed the citizens track you would have got 7 free days.