Habbo Defense Agency

Habbo Defence Agency (HDA) is a fast growing agency on Habbo. They are known for their events and alliances. Their alliances include Federal Bureau of Investigation NW3C (FBI), Secret Service (SS), United States Defense Force (USDF), and White House (WH)

HDA's Official Badge


Habbo Defense Agency was founded by EmzyWah,. They now have a solid foundation team of 10 people which also includes Sammy1213, XxCerysCecexX., and Vibrational.


“The objective of HDA is to obviously make the agency grow, not only that but to bring the community closer together, to encourage people to make new friends and join our wonderful family." -  Fernisaplant & xBrendon


Pay System

Pay happens four times a day - 1am GMT, 7am GMT, 1pm GMT and 7pm GMT. Members can collect pay 4 times a day and are paid according to their rank:

  • Standards receive 1c per pay.

  • Advertisers, Trainers and Security Members receive 2c per pay.

  • Operations+ members receive 3c per pay.

They can also earn silver and gold bonus by completing different tasks. Those rewards are claimed on Sundays.


HDA has rules that apply both to their staff and visitors who visit the lobby. They must respect all workers, regardless of rank. Players in the lobby may not dance, use effects, use consecutive capitals, and they must speak English at all stations.

Ranking System

In HDA, rank is determined by how much someone works. Each division has different requirements. By completing the tasks they have and are hard-working, a higher rank can choose to promote them. The agency’s current rank list can be found on their website which is cited below.


External Links

HDA Main Base Room Link: https://www.habbo.com/hotel?room=74999177

HDA Main Website: http://www.hdaofficial.com/