Habbo Forces HQ Bundle

The Habbo Forces HQ Bundle was available on the 11th of May 2015 and again on the 9th of January 2019.

Badge for buying the 2015 bundle

Badge Code: ARM29

Badge for buying the 2019 bundle

Badge Code: STY07

Bundle information

The Bundle was priced at 99 credits.

There were a total of 587 purchases of the 2015 bundle and a further 64 purchases of the 2019 bundle according to HabboWidgets. Adding a total of 651 purchases.

Furniture included

  • 15x Short Blue Carpet
  • 4x Glass Room Divider
  • 2x Potted Peace-Lily Plant
  • 2x Overhead Light
  • 3x Conference Table Corner
  • 3x Filing Cabinet
  • 2x Body Scanner
  • 1x Bulletin Board
  • 2x Glass Room Divider Corner
  • 1x Conference Table Corner
  • 1x Office Cubicle
  • 2x Desk Clutter
  • 2x Executive Swivel Chair
  • 3x Rugged Laptop 
  • 7x Conference Walls
  • 3x Folding Table
  • 2x Metal Shelf
  • 1x Flatscreen TV
  • 3x Swivel Chair
  • 2x Habbo Forces Sign