Day of the Dead Bundle

The Day of the Dead Bundle has been released twice. The first release was on the 24th of October 2014. The second release was on the 21st of October 2015, and the third release on the 11th of January 2019. 

Badge for buying the 2014 bundle

Badge Code: MXH24

Badge for buying the 2015 bundle

Badge Code: APC05

Badge for buying the 2019 bundle

Badge Code: STY08

Bundle information

The Bundle was priced at 99 credits.

There were a total of 568 purchases of this bundle in 2014, with a further 700 in 2015, and 54 in 2019, according to HabboWidgets. Adding a total of 1322 purchases.

Furniture included

  • 10x Black Adobe Wall
  • 2x Cranial Lamp
  • 1x Big Torch
  • 1x Day of the Dead Altar Piece
  • 1x Day of the Dead Altar Piece
  • 1x La Ofrenda
  • 1x Melting Candles
  • 1x Ornate Skull Flowerpot
  • 1x Lamancha Goat
  • 4x Black Adobe Divider
  • 1x Black Adobe Skull Gate
  • 2x Floral Bench
  • 5x Grave
  • 5x Soil
  • 3x Cobbled Path