Common Room Bundle

The Common Room Bundle was available on the 13th of December 2016, and again on the 24th of December 2018. 

Badge for buying the 2016 bundle

Badge Code: X1603

Badge for buying the 2018 bundle

Badge Code: X1838

Bundle information

The Bundle was priced at 99 credits.

There were a total of 498 purchases of the 2016 bundle, and a further ___ purchases of the 2018 bundle according to HabboWidgets. 

Furniture included

  • 3x Seasonal Wreaths
  • 1x Christmas Pudding
  • 4x Citadel Banners
  • 12x Citadel Wall
  • 8x Citadel Divider
  • 4x Gold Trimmed Armchair
  • 4x Cosy Rug
  • 1x Grand Citadel Gate
  • 7xCastle Candles
  • 1x Christmas Vegetables
  • 4x Citadel Tile
  • 6x Castle Floor
  • 1x Christmas Tree 2
  • 5x Desk Candles
  • 1x Christmas Meat
  • 1x Present Pile
  • 4x Castle Floor
  • 2x Rounded Table
  • 2x Lacquered Cupboard

This Bundle included two exclusive items. A "Heartwarming Fireplace" and three "Gold Trimmed Sofa:"