Habbo Bundles

Habbo Bundles are premade rooms that can be purchased in either the Shop or the Habbo Mall. A bundle is usually paired with a badge which is given to the user upon purchase. Bundles are usually released during campaigns/celebrations and are related to the theme of it; for example, Greek Style Bundles were released during the Santorini campaign.

When a bundle is bought, the user receives the room as "User's ______ Bundle" which then acts as any user-made room would.  

Bundles are usually normally valued at 99 credits but have been known to increase in price depending on the value and amount of furni in the bundle.

List of Habbo Bundles

Below is a list of all known bundles that were released and have been purchasable. Each article provides bundle information that includes the date of release, badge image and codes included, furniture included, and a room preview..