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[HQ] National Best Friend Day

Posted by on the 9th of June 2018


Appreciate the love you have for your best friends with HabboQuests!

Room Owner: Moonwalk

Room Name: [HQ] National Best Friend Day

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Flick the switch to watch the cutscene.






Step 2

Once finished, enter the teleporter.





Step 3

Say the following three phrases in order.

I'll be your friend
For it won't be long
Somebody to lean on





Step 4

Enter the teleporter.





Step 5

Wait in queue for your turn.





Step 6

Guide the Pink Lupin Patch to the tile highlighted in the image below using the arrow tiles to direct it. Step on the central Pressure Plate once you have finished. You have 30 seconds.





Step 7

Enter the Tree Teleport.





Step 8

Get towards the Garden Patio Floor, only moving whilst the bot Rachel is not dancing.





Step 9

Enter the Runestone Teleporter.





Step 10

Flick one of the two switches when the Emerald Ring is on the table.





Step 11

Enter the teleporter.





Step 12

Get through the roller maze and step on the Star Tile at the end.





Step 13

Enter the teleporter.





Step 14

Sit in the correct Floral Seat to teleport - this is random and regularly changes!





Step 15

Enter the teleporter.





Step 16

Wait in the queue for your turn.





Step 17

Step on all five of the highlighted furni below. Once you have finished, flick the switch that appears on the Bronze Coin. You have 30 seconds.





Step 18

Enter the teleporter.





Step 19

Get through the maze whilst only stepping on Color Tiles when they are green. Hint: Blue comes before green!





Step 20

Enter the teleporter.





Step 21

Walk next to the Pug to receive your badge.