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[HBC] The Magical Library

Posted by on the 11th of May 2018


Complete this game and get yourself a cute badge!

Room Owner: Aimeh

Room Name: [HBC] The Home of Caroline.

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Listen to the bot story and enter the gate when open.






Step 2

Walk to the teleport without the bot facing you.
You have 2 minutes to complete this.





Step 3

Enter tele.





Step 4

Sit on the chairs to get to the teleport, this is like risk it.






Step 5

Enter tele.





Step 6

Wait for the bot to finish her story.





Step 7

Enter tele.





Step 8

Wait in queue.





Step 9

Say "seize" when the paint buckets are on the corresponding colour tile for you to land on them. You need to time this well. 1 minute to complete.

HINT: Say "seize" when the paint buckets are beside the colour tiles as shown below to time it right.




Step 10

Enter the teleport.




Step 11

Enter gate when open.





Step 12

You have 1 minute to step on the parsley show below.





Step 13

Enter tele.





Step 14

Wait in queue.





Step 15

Get the picnic basket to the red tile closest to you by flicking the switch.
If the beehive is under your red tile you can't flick switch.
You have 30 seconds to complete this.





Step 16

Enter tele.





Step 17

Find the four switches highlighted below in the right order to highlight the tiles green.
When you have found the 4th switch you will teleport.
Avoid the wolf as well.






Step 18

Enter tele.





Step 19

Say drink me to teleport.





Step 20

Say open in front of one of the draws highlighted below or click use to help Caroline find her missing key.
You will teleport.





Step 21

Enter tele.





Step 22

Step on the 5 books highlighted below to put the monsters in bed.
Say done when the tiles are green to tele.










Step 23

Enter tele.





Step 24

Listen to the bots tell their story for the tiles to turn green, step on the tiles when they are green to receive your badge.