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[Habbox] The Royal Wedding.

Posted by on the 8th of May 2018


Complete this fun Habbox Royal Wedding event and receive a cute badge!

Room Owner: Cinoplex

Room Name: [Habbox] Buckingham Palace.

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Flick the switch shown below to teleport.




Step 2

Wait for the Bot story to end.




Step 3

Enter teleport.




Step 4

Step on the correct [b]BLUE[/b] colour tile to be teleported.




Step 5

Enter teleport.




Step 6

Wait in queue.




Step 7

Flick one of the three switches shown below. You have 10 seconds!




Step 8

Enter teleport.




Step 9

Push all 3 boxes infront of Meghan the Bot. When one of the boxes is infront of the bot say [b]*wear*[/b] Repeat this for all 3 boxes. Once complete say [b]done[/b] to be teleported.




Step 10

Enter teleport.




Step 11

Find the correct teleporter to enter the next room! [b]Please Note: [/b]This is always random.




Step 12

Stand in front of either bot (Harry Or Meghan) say "I do" to get your badge!