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[HFFM] Around The World!

Posted by on the 4th of May 2018


Complete this badge event to gain a badge!

Room Owner: Baevus

Room Name: [HFFM] Around The World!

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Make your way to the floor switch, avoiding the moving sharks. Flick it and make your way through the rollers to the banzai. Once you get to the top, sit in the chair highlighted to teleport. 






Step 2

Enter the teleport.





Step 3

Wait patiently in the queue.





Step 4

Guide the Dragon Plushy to all of the red tiles using the arrow tiles. Each time the Dragon Plushy is ON a red tile, step in the middle to pick up the item. Once all are done step in the middle once again to teleport. You have 2 minutes to do this.






Step 5

Enter the teleporter.





Step 6

Use the banzais to reach the stages, when you get to each stage the tiles underneath will turn green. Once done say "The Maldives!" to teleport.





Step 7

Enter the teleport.





Step 8

Find the correct seat to get off the bus. (Seat changes randomly)





Step 9

Make your way across the bridge to the Stella Tiles, avoiding the traps. (You only have 30 seconds to do this).





Step 10

Enter the teleport.





Step 11

Make your way across the bridge, but only walk when the tiki torches highlighted are OFF. Use either the Tiki Lei or Tiki Bar.






Step 12

Make your way to the colour tiles highlighted, avoiding being traps by the moving items. If you get trapped say exit (you will teleport to the beginning by doing this).





Step 13

Step inside the beach hut to receive your badge!