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[HX] Science Fair

Posted by on the 13th of April 2018


Take part in this fun event and gain yourself a badge!

Room Owner: paul9216

Room Name: [Habbox] Lab

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Enter the body sanitizer to be teleported





Step 2

Enter the rune teleport





Step 3

Flick all 4 switches to be teleported.




Step 4

Enter the teleport





Step 5

Step 5 - Enter the one way gate and reach the attic gate avoiding the moving policeman dolls. Enter the Elevator teleport to go downstairs.





Step 6

Grab a ticket to be teleported





Step 7

Enter the teleport





Step 8

Flick the switch to start the game





Step 9

Interact with different furni to turn all the tiles green.

1. Flick the switches to create the number [314], enter the cyber door to be teleported upstairs and interact with the first furni/key [the tiki lei].

Please Note: You will only have 2 minutes to complete steps 9 - 16 before it resets.




Step 10

Step on the banzai and interact with the second furni/key.




Step 11

Step on the cyber door and interact with the furni/key below.




Step 12

Interact with the furni/key below.




Step 13

Interact with the furni/key below.





Step 14

Interact with the furni/key below.




Step 15

When all the tiles are green enter the door to be teleported upstairs.




Step 16

Step on the yellow tile.




Step 17

Walk up the jungle stairs.




Step 18

Enter the teleport.




Step 19

Reach the yellow tile infront of the brain jar walking ONLY when the Quacktoa is facing the direction shown below. Avoid the moving snakes while doing so.




Step 20

Enter the teleport.




Step 21

To receive your badge walk into any of the 4 little rooms shown below and state the name of their owner.

1. Keegs:

2. Its.Dino

3. Marinetti

4. FlyingJesus