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[HBC] Bonnie Blonde: The Road To Stardom.

Posted by on the 10th of April 2018


Complete this fun HBC event and receive a cute badge!

Room Owner: Aimeh

Room Name: [HBC] Bonnie Blonde: The Road To Stardom.

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Flick the switch to be seated and watch the show, you will be teleported once finished.




Step 2

Enter teleport.




Step 3

Wait in queue.




Step 4

Using the arrow tiles, guide bonnie to the shops shown below to collect her items. Once complete walk on tiles to be teleported.
You have 1 min to complete.




Step 5

Enter teleport.




Step 6

Wait in queue.




Step 7

Help Bonnie complete her song!
There is 3 songs however you only have to complete one, this is picked at random! Once complete all the tiles will turn Green say Done to teleport.
You have 1 min to complete.

Song 1: Happy Birthday > When Bonnie walks next to the b-day table.
1) You
2) Alexandra
3) Birthday

Song 2: Marry you - Bruno Mars > When Bonnie walks next to table with lovey dovey items.
1) Dumb
2) Marry
3) Dancing

Song 3: Can't take my eyes off you > When Bonnie walks next to the middle table.
1) True
2) Eyes
3) Touch




Step 8

Enter teleport.




Step 9

Make your way to the green tiles shown below only when the projectors are OFF!




Step 10

Enter teleport.




Step 11

Wait in queue.




Step 12

Using the arrow tiles move Bonnie around the room to avoid the ghosts, you will need to do this for one minute. Step on the tile once it turns green to teleport.




Step 13

Enter teleport.




Step 14

Collect a ticket and take a seat, listen to Bonnie's Show. Once done you will be teleported.




Step 15

Enter teleport.




Step 16

Wait in queue.




Step 17

Save Bonnie from the Paparazzi by using the coloured tiles to stop them reaching the red tiles. Once done flick the switch to teleport.
You have 1 minuet.




Step 18

Enter teleport.




Step 19

Stand infront of camera and say "record" there are 5 in total. Once complete say done to teleport.
Please note: This room is hard to move when clicking!




Step 20

Enter teleport to receive the badge!