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[HQ] Children's Shows

Posted by on the 6th of April 2018


Complete this Barney & Friends game and gain yourself a cute badge!

Room Owner: Bailed

Room Name: [HQ] Barney & Friends

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Collect all the toys in the room by standing next to them and say *puts away*, once completed say "done".




Step 2

Enter teleport.




Step 3

Step on the rug to be teleported.




Step 4

Wait in the queue.




Step 5

Using the arrow tiles guide each brain to the correct colour tile, avoid the small crates or they will be teleported back, you have 1 minute to complete this.




Step 6

Go up to Dexter and say "Didi is in your room"




Step 7

Enter tele.




Step 8

Wait in queue.




Step 9

Using the arrow tiles, you must guide the bots to the bots matching color tiles. Once you are done guiding the bot, carry on to the next stage through the gate. You have 2 minutes to complete this.




Step 10

Enter the teleport.




Step 11

Say *chop* next to each tree highlighted below.




Step 12

Stand next to the highlighted wood to collect it, then use the fish hole to teleport.




Step 13

Enter the tele.




Step 14

Only walk on the colour tiles when they are blue and get to the marble tile at the end, this resets every 5 minutes.




Step 15

Enter the tele.




Step 16

Stand/sit and interact with the furni highlighted below to turn the tiles green.




Step 17

Once all the tiles are green, say "done" and enter the gates to teleport.




Step 18

Enter the tele.




Step 19

Wait in queue.




Step 20

Say "yes we can" to tele to the switches, use the switches to move the crate to the red tile. Say "done" when you have finished, you have 30 seconds to complete this.




Step 21

Enter tele.




Step 22

Make your way to the bridge by sitting on the rock seats only.




Step 23

Say "a coin" to open the gate and walk over the bridge.




Step 24

Stand on each of the bananas and flick the switch to teleport, avoid the mouse traps.




Step 25

Make your way to the water only by standing on the rollers.




Step 26

Enter tele.




Step 27

Make your way through the roller maze by also stepping on the colour tiles, then step on the gate to teleport. The gate will stay open for 30 seconds once all the tiles have been stepped on.




Step 28

Enter the tele.




Step 29

Wait in queue.




Step 30

Step on the corresponding colour as it lands on the pressure plate, missing a colour will make you lose. You have to survive this for 40 seconds and if you win you will automatically teleport.




Step 31

Use the ticket machine and then enter the tele.




Step 32

Sit on the donkey to receive your badge.