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[HX] Back to the movies!

Posted by on the 16th of March 2018


Take part in this fun event and gain yourself a badge!

Room Owner: Keegs:

Room Name: [Habbox] Old Fashioned Cinema

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Grab a ticket then walk through the gate when it opens. Take a seat and watch the show.




Step 2

When the show is over enter the following teleporter.




Step 3

Flick either of the switches to open the gate. Walk only when the skull candle is off as in the picture shown below.




Step 4

Continue making your way. Walk only when the skull candle is off as in the picture shown below.




Step 5

Enter the teleport.




Step 6

Wait in queue.




Step 7

Use the switches highlighted to change the state of the wires. When all of them are in their designated positions stand on a green color tile and say "Die Audrey!"

For the correct wires positions check the picture below.




Step 8

Enter the teleport.




Step 9

Go to the GREEN tile.




Step 10

Say "start" and go to the YELLOW tile.




Step 11

Make your way to the ORANGE tile whilst avoiding the moving items.




Step 12

Hurry back to the GREEN tile.




Step 13

Flick the switch and hurry back to the BLUE tile.




Step 14

Answer the question which is "how many years was Andy in Prison?". Answer is: "19 Years".




Step 15

Make your way to the green tile. Only move when the Warden is standing.




Step 16

Go to the tile by Andy.




Step 17

Use the correct drainpipe. Correct drainpipe is random.




Step 18

Enter the teleport.




Step 19

Make your way around the roller maze. You have 1 minute to do so.




Step 20

Sit on this chair to teleport.




Step 21

Enter the teleport.




Step 22

Using the rollers and the gates make your way to the tool shed.




Step 23

Say ''hide'' next to all the aliens. when they're hidden say "done".




Step 24

Enter the teleporter.




Step 25

Use the switches in order to move the boat left and right to avoid the moving rocks shown. Do this for 30 seconds. When done you'll receive your badge!