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[BaW] Easter Uprising 2

Posted by on the 13th of March 2018


Take part in the part 2 of the Easter Uprising BaW campaign a gain yourself 3 amazing badges!

Room Owner: WaltzMatilda

Room Name: [BaW] Easter Entrance

Status: Unavailable


You need to wear the Magic Easter Egg badge to take part in this event!

If you don't have it, you can take part in the [BaW] Bonus Game 1 and collect a badge which will be a pass for next week BaW event!




Step 1

Walk up only when the bunnies are facing the direction shown below.




Step 2

Walk on the green color tile wearing the Magic Easter Egg badge.




Step 3

Enter the teleport.




Step 4

Pick a color and walk on the corresponding roller. You will be teleported to the color tile you have chosen. Wait for the middle tile to change color. If the middle tile highlighted ends up being your color, you win and will be teleported.




Step 5

Enter the teleport to receive your first badge!




Step 6

Wait in queue.




Step 7

Step on the green color tiles (they will bring you back or forward). 2 people can play at once. The first person who reaches the top wins and will be teleported. If you lose, wait to be teleported back to queue.




Step 8

Enter the teleport to receive your second badge!




Step 9

Say "walk" when the bunny is facing the door as in the pic shown below to be teleported upstairs.




Step 10

Enter the teleport for last badge!