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Easter Rescue Game #2

Posted by on the 12th of March 2018


Take part in the second Easter Rescue Game and earn a badge!

Room Owner: Megaalakazam

Room Name: |Easter Rescue|

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

When you enter the room, step on the #2 tile.





Step 2

When you have teleported to the area, enter the teleporter.





Step 3

Wait in the queue.





Step 4

You have 1 minute to complete the following tasks (Step 4 to 7).
Grab a sunflower. You have received a hidden badge!




Step 5

Step in the bin and say "South America".





Step 6

Sit on this mushroom and say "La tomatina".





Step 7

Stand in front of the bonsai tree and say ''Solanum Lycopersic.um''. (Without dot as it filters on guide) To receive your badge!