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[HBC] Bad Bunny

Posted by on the 9th of March 2018


Follow Bad Bunny on his journey and gain yourself a cute badge!

Room Owner: hini

Room Name: [HBC] Bad Bunny - Entrance

Status: Unavailable


During your journey with Bad Bunny you will be able to find hidden codes to collect tokens or products on HBC website!
There are 19 codes, will you find them all?




Step 1

Listen to Bad Bunny's story and wait until you are teleported into the game area.




Step 2

Grab the right yellow delight to be teleported.




Step 3

Enter the teleport.




Step 4

Flick the switch to enter the game.




Step 5

Wait in queue.




Step 6

Flick the switches only when the chocolate bars are on the pink color tiles. If you flick the switch at the wrong time you will be teleported back. You have 1 minute to complete this task.




Step 7

Enter the teleport.




Step 8

Wait in queue.




Step 9

Flick the switch next to you when these items appear in front of you.





Step 10

When the color tile turns green say "done" to be teleported.




Step 11

Enter the teleport.




Step 12

Walk to the spot highlighted only when Violet is NOT facing the inside of the room.




Step 13

Enter the teleport.




Step 14

Wait in queue.




Step 15

Guide the Bad Bunny on the color tiles to turn them red using the arrow tiles. Avoid Waltz while doing so.
Walk on pressure plate when done.




Step 16

Enter the teleport.




Step 17

Complete the roller maze while flicking the switches highlighted to open the gate at the end.




Step 18

Enter the teleport.




Step 19

Flick the switch for story to begin.




Step 20

Wait patiently listening to Bunny story until you get teleported.




Step 21

Enter the teleport to get your badge!