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Valentines Maze 2018

Posted by on the 14th of February 2018


Partake in the Valentines Maze and receive a badge!

Room Owner: Baier93

Room Name: Valentines Maze

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Step on the hidden tiles shown below in the images.









Step 2

Enter teleport.





Step 3

Line up in the queue.





Step 4

Use the arrow tiles in order to guide the boxes to fix the broken heart. When the tile turns green it indicates you can move onto the next arrow tile area. You have one minute in order to complete this.






Step 5

Enter teleport.





Step 6

Line up in queue.





Step 7

Guide the cupid statue to the heart using the arrow tiles whilst avoiding the red tiles. Making the cupid statue step on the red tiles will send it right to the beginning. You have one minute in order to do this. When done step on any of the blue tiles to teleport.





Step 8

Enter teleport.





Step 9

Step on each of the books to unscramble the sentence. The sentence is ''my love for you is like the raging sea, so powerful and deep it will forever be!''





Step 10

Enter the teleport.





Step 11

Make your way across the roller maze whilst entering the one-ways and avoiding the lilypads.






Step 12

Make your way through by sitting on the correct seats. 





Step 13

Line up in the queue.





Step 14

Avoid the moving cupids for over 1 minute. When done 3 green tiles will appear and you can step on any of them to teleport.





Step 15

Enter teleport.





Step 16

Get the correct flower then walk up to the pillow and say ''Be my Valentine?''









Step 17

Enter the teleport.





Step 18

Clean up the park by stepping on the areas highlighted. When all the colour tiles are green say done.






Step 19

Enter the teleport.





Step 20

Answer the questions that appear for the telephrase in this order.
[li]Henry VII[/li]
[li]Red Rose[/li]





Step 21

Enter teleport.





Step 22

Find the correct seat in this room. (It's one of the red ones). When you've found the correct seat you'll be teleported.





Step 23

Enter teleport.





Step 24

Use the switch to change the rollers state of position and guide the parcels to the house on the far left. You have one minute in order to complete this. When done flick the switch again to teleport.





Step 25

Enter teleport.





Step 26

Line up in queue.





Step 27

Guide Lily to Brady using the arrow tiles, you must stand on the middle tile and say ''I do!'' to teleport. You have one minute in order to complete this.






Step 28

Enter teleport.





Step 29

Stand on the Japanese Wooden Deck to receive your badge!