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[HX] Anti-Valentines

Posted by on the 9th of February 2018


Take part in this fun anti-valentines event and receive a badge!

Room Owner: Its.Dino

Room Name: [Habbox] Anti-Valentines

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Wait in queue.




Step 2

Flick any of the switches under the bridge until one of them teleports you across.




Step 3

Enter the teleport.




Step 4

Walk up to each coloured tile and say *steal* to ruin the couple date.




Step 5

Once completed say "done" to be teleported.




Step 6

Enter the teleport.




Step 7

Sit on the chairs to get the bears off the belt. Once completed say "done". 




Step 8

Enter the teleport.




Step 9

Make your way across the room avoiding the moving tiles. Beat the mailman before he delivers Valentines.




Step 10

Enter the teleport.




Step 11

Flick the switches shown below to turn the tiles RED. Once completed, stand on the door mats and shout "STUPID CUPID".
Complete the previous task before the cupid reaches the end of the tiles.




Step 12

Enter the teleport.




Step 13

Stand on crate, walk next to teamaker, sit on green blossom pillows, step on the sakura tree and say "let it burn!" until all 13 fires are up.




Step 14

Walk through gate when it opens and step into the tub to receive your badge.