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[BaW] - Hole in the Wall

Posted by on the 12th of January 2018


Participate in this BaW related event and receive a badge!

Room Owner: Waltzmatilda

Room Name: [BaW] - Hole in the Wall

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Sit on the pressure plates with a partner and wait to be teleported into the line. This is based on a first come first serve queue. You will teleport when it is your turn.





Step 2

Wait in line until you are at the front and the game is empty. You and your partner will teleport in.





Step 3

The curtain will open and red tiles will appear on the black tiles behind the screen. You and your partner must stand on the associated tiles that do not block any of the red tiles





Step 4

The red tiles will move onto the other black tiles around you and your partner. The goal is to not block or stand on any of the red tiles.





Step 5

Each time you complete a wall, the number blocks will increment. Every two walls, the time for when the red tiles spawn around you will speed up. You and your partner will have to react faster as the game continues on. The speed maxes out once you have completed 14 walls. NOTE: Completing 14 walls will get you the first badge & completing 20 will get you the second badge!





Step 6

The game ends once a red tile has been blocked or stepped on. When this happens, red floor lights will turn on. If you have completed less than 14 walls, you will teleport out of the game immediately. If you have completed 14 walls or more, you will teleport behind the windows in the left office and your badges will be awarded.