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[HBC] The Battle for the Seven Kingdoms

Posted by on the 12th of January 2018


Claim the throne! You're the rightful heir!

Room Owner: Ben.

Room Name: [HBC] Battle for the Seven Kingdoms

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Listen to the bot show. If it does not start, flick the switch.





Step 2

Say "Dracarys" when standing next to the fire.





Step 3

Enter the teleport.





Step 4

Say "shoot" when the item is on the yellow tile. Get it wrong, and you'll be sent back a level!





Step 5

Enter the teleport.





Step 6

Wait patiently in the queue.





Step 7

Flick the switch to send the glow ball to your opponent. (You MUST be stood on the tile in front of the switch or it won't work.)
You must keep flicking the switches to ensure the glowballs don't touch the tiles in front of you. If they do, you will lose. 
If there is no winner, you will both lose. When you have beaten your opponent, flick the switches in front of you to teleport. 





Step 8

Enter the teleport.





Step 9

Stand on the wooden blocks to fix the bridge.





Step 10

Once the bridge is fixed, you may walk across it to the teleport.





Step 11

Enter the teleport.





Step 12

Wait patiently in the queue.





Step 13

Flick the switch in front of you to rotate the rollers. The aim of the game is to put the mine cart on the marble tile. Flick the switch when you have done this.





Step 14

Enter the teleport.





Step 15

Walk on a blue flower to teleport. It changes randomly. 





Step 16

Enter the teleport.





Step 17

Avoiding the dragons' fire. Make your way to the brown tiles.





Step 18

Enter the teleport.





Step 19

For one minute, you must avoid the snakes. When the time is up, enter the gates by the palace doors.





Step 20

Enter the teleport.





Step 21

Sit on the throne to claim your badge!