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[HX] The Flash

Posted by on the 9th of January 2018


What's your favorite super power? Complete this fun event and get your badge!

Room Owner: Keegs:

Room Name: [Habbox] The Flash - Barry's Crime Lab

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

There are 3 hidden codes in this room. You will need these for upcomings room. Codes change periodically.

1. tqs5o
2. ir73d
3. 6jfqr




Step 2

Enter the teleport.




Step 3

Line up in queue.




Step 4

Use the arrow tiles to guide Caitilin Snow to Barry and wake him up. Step in the middle when Caitilin Snow is on the tile. You have 1 minute to complete this.

There are 2 hidden codes in this room. You will need them for next room. Guide Caitlin Snow to the spots highlighted to find them. Codes change periodically.

1. rj4wd

2. cx6rj




Step 5

Enter the teleport.




Step 6

Walk in front of the door and say all the codes for door to open. Once the door is open, step on it and you will be teleported to the chair.




Step 7

Enter the teleport. 




Step 8

Turn off all machines by saying *turn off*. Once complete say "done".




Step 9

Enter the teleport.




Step 10

Wait in queue.




Step 11

Step on the tiles in the right order to guide Flash around the circle. Order changes periodically.




Step 12

Once flash has gone around the room step on the yellow tile then once flash is in the middle step on the purple tile.




Step 13

Enter the teleport.




Step 14

Avoid the moving scavenger supplies.




Step 15

Stand on the tiles to teleport to the tele.




Step 16

Enter the teleport.




Step 17

Sit on the chair to receive your badge.