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[HBC] Christmas Pantomimes

Posted by on the 6th of December 2017


Enjoy your love for Christmas with HabboCreate!

Room Owner: Frission

Room Name: [HBC] Family House

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Start off in the Family House and find all of the items as the bot asks for them.

[li]Without my coat I'll freeze: Walk up to the talicoat[/li]
[li]I can't leave my house without my shoes: Walk up to the shoes[/li]
[li]Now, where did I put my bag?: Walk up to the handbag[/li]
[li]I won't get far without my reservation ticket will I?: Walk up to the desk junk[/li]

When all the tiles turn green say ''done''









Step 2

Enter Teleporter





Step 3

Walk up to the Ticket Vendor, Once done you then need to step on your ticket to tele.




Step 4

Enter Teleporter.




Step 5

Sit in the seats to find the teleport to furni to get to the teleport





Step 6

Enter Teleporter




Step 7

Peter Pan's Shadow got loose!  Run around the room and catch it to teleport





Step 8

Enter the Teleporter





Step 9

Grab some bread from the cart when the timer is at:00





Step 10

Avoid the Guards for 1:00 then walk toward the gate




Step 11

Enter Teleporter





Step 12

Grab a sword from the rack.




Step 13

Once you have a sword walk up to each beanstalk and say *chop* once the beanstalk is down say done.





Step 14

Enter teleport.





Step 15

To start off the show flick the switches highlighted. Say the words ''Castle'' or ''House'' to switch sides. When done say done.





Step 16

Line up in the queue.





Step 17

Make the bot step on the manhole by saying ''L'' for Left and ''R'' for Right. You have 2 minutes in order to do this. When done say done quickly in order to teleport.




Step 18

Enter teleport for your badge!