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[HB] - Town of Le

Posted by on the 11th of October 2017


Complete this fun event and receive a cool badge!

Room Owner: Audemars

Room Name: [HabboBites] - Town of Le

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Flick the switch to start the game!

Wait for the scene to be over and then you will be teleported.




Step 2

Enter Tele




Step 3

Say *Stab* while standing in front of the SophieBishop bot.

There are 3 places you can do this from.





Step 4

Enter Tele




Step 5

When the bot asks you "Do you want to alert tonight" say "Yes"

Use the Gun Rack to tele.





Step 6

Make your way across the roller maze.




Step 7

Enter Tele




Step 8

Flick the switch and wait for the story to finish. Once done you will be teleported.




Step 9

Enter Tele




Step 10

There's a bot in the room, when she stands on the tiles outside you need to stand on the corresponding tile inside, you can type "tile1" "tile2" and "tile3" to get to them quickly and when she comes on the tile opposite you you say *shoots*

(If you shoot when the bot is not on the correct tile, you will be sent to a timeout zone for 30 seconds)




Step 11

Enter Tele.




Step 12

Make your way across the room while avoiding the Black Vultures.

Flick the switch to open the gate and sit on the bus stop until you are teleported.

(The gate will be open for 15 seconds)




Step 13

Enter Tele




Step 14

Flick the switch to start the story. Once finished you will be teleported.




Step 15

Enter Tele.




Step 16

Use the punch bowl to get the badge!