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[HBC] Habboween Party Nightmare

Posted by on the 9th of October 2017


It's that time of year again! Only, something terrible has happened at the school!

Room Owner: Frission

Room Name: [HBC] Habboween Party Nightmare [TOWN]

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Search the crumbled up paper for the telephone number. One of them will teleport you.





Step 2

Enter the police station.





Step 3

Enter the building.





Step 4

Walk up to the bot.





Step 5

Say *pick up*





Step 6

Enter the teleport





Step 7

Enter the school.





Step 8

Enter the teleport shown below. In the other teleports, there are hidden tokens codes!





Step 9

Walk around the room to gather evidence. Walk near the poison.





Step 10

Enter the teleport.





Step 11

Enter the supermarket.





Step 12

Ask Sammy Salesman is he's seen anything dangerous.





Step 13

Ask Callie Cashier if she's seen anything dangerous.





Step 14

Double click the trash can





Step 15

Step on the receipts until you teleport. Listen to what Callie cashier says when you find the right one!





Step 16

Enter the teleport





Step 17

Enter the police station again.





Step 18

Wait patiently in the queue.





Step 19

Accuse Quinn of being the murderer.





Step 20

Flick the switch shown below.





Step 21

Enter the teleport





Step 22

Enter the hospital





Step 23

Flick the switch to play the game. There's rooms with hidden token codes in the hospital!





Step 24

Wait patiently in the queue





Step 25

Guide the doctor to his different tools within the time limit. 
Say "done" or walk on the blank tiles when you're finished.





Step 26

Enter the teleport





Step 27

Enjoy your badge! Habboween!