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[BAW] A Canadian Thanksgiving.

Posted by on the 6th of October 2017


Complete this fun BAW event and receive an awesome badge!

Room Owner: Kredits

Room Name: [BAW] A Canadian Thanksgiving.

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Stand on dirt mounds; you will be teleported when counter restarts.

  • Collect a number of red glowballs in the the set time -

  • 1 player = 10 glowballs

  • 2 player = 15 glowballs

  • 3 players = 20 glowballs

  • 4 players = 25 glowballs

  • 5 players = 30 glowballs






Step 2

Enter the teleporter!





Step 3

Wait patiently in the queue.





Step 4

Using the arrow plates to guide the big hand to swoop the cats. (You will need to move towards the cats while the hand is beside them)





Step 5

Enter the teleporter!





Step 6

Wait patiently in the queue!





Step 7

Whilst avoiding the dog step on the colour tile six times for each colour change.




Step 8

Enter the teleporter!





Step 9

Enter the teleporter!





Step 10

In order to begin the game type ":join" and you will immediately be teleported to the table. You will then need to type "Chicken", "Turkey" and "Potato", however they will appear in red lettering in a random order. You must type quickly, and in the correct order to pass the game!





Step 11

Double click the teleporter to receive the badge!