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[FH] Horror Movies

Posted by on the 6th of October 2017


Get here a Halloween-themed badge for yourself!

Room Owner: lluvli

Room Name: [FH] Entrance

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Wait patiently in the line.





Step 2

Flick the switch to get the glowball to your side, you will play against one other person. 





Step 3

Enter the teleport.





Step 4

Step on the blood, on one of them you'll be teleported (It's random)





Step 5

Enter the teleport.





Step 6

Get to the marked spot to get teleported. Avoid the items or you'll be teleported back!





Step 7

Enter tele.





Step 8

Get to the color tiles without being hit by the mannequins. You have 1 minute to do so.





Step 9

Enter the teleport.





Step 10

Wait in the line for your turn.





Step 11

Use the arrow tiles to guide the bot to the color tile at the bed. Once done, step on the middle tile.





Step 12

Enter the tele.





Step 13

Get to the spot shown below, avoid the rats!





Step 14

Enter the shown teleporter.





Step 15

Complete the roller maze and flick the marked switches to open the gate. Once done, you'll receive your badge!