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[HFFM] Resolutions

Posted by on the 4th of January 2019


HFFM gives us new fansite event, where we can gather new badge!

Room Owner: Hanna.Yeap

Room Name: [HFFM] Resolutions

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

You need to sit on chairs that are near the bots and say [b]Hello, I am new to the area. May I sit with you?[/b] you will get teleported if you are sitting on correct seat.

[b]NOTE: Teleporting seat will change frequently [/b]





Step 2

Enter the teleport





Step 3

You need to use or step on items highlighted on the image. You basically just need to complete the workout set as many times until you are "strong" enough to do whole set.








Step 4

Once you have done it, enter the teleport





Step 5

Wait your turn on the queue





Step 6

Use the arrow tiles to move [b]bottle[/b] to the [b]recycling bin[/b] and after that to move [b]coal[/b] to the [b]trash can[/b]. Once you moved all items to their correct spots, move around and you will get teleported!

[b]NOTE: You have 1 minute time to do this.[/b]





Step 7

Enter the teleport





Step 8

Flick the switch to start the "game".

Once it starts you can basically answer [b]Yes[/b] or [b]No[/b] to every question. It does not matter how you answer to questions and you will pass it. Once you are on last spot behind the cashier, say [b]done[/b] to complete it!






Step 9

Enter the teleport





Step 10

Wait your turn patiently





Step 11

[b]NOTE: You need 2 players to complete this last game! You also have 30 seconds time[/b]

This game works similar to the Guitar Hero. Step on correct colors when they appear on the ring plates. Once you survive for 30 seconds you will get teleported and receive your badge. If one of you two fail the game you both get teleported back to the queue