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Christmas Secret Badge Day 4

Posted by on the 4th of December 2018


In Advent Calendar - Day 4 there is secret badge :O

Room Owner: Samta_Claus2018

Room Name: 097

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

When you pass the Advent Calendar Day 4 you will get to teleport to the room where you receive Day 4 badge.

If you stay there to listen bot speak it will tell you little secret





Step 2

This secret will inform you to go search room 097, that room is owned by Santa_Claus2018

So simply open up navigator and search rooms made by Santa_Claus2018 and you will then find that room mentioned above.

The room is password protected and the password is reykjavík






Step 3

When you get to enter the room you will be awarded with the new badge, if you happened to be the first one in room then you will receive special prize

Diclaimer: If you are reading this guide now then you can be sure this prize has been given out already. (You will still get the badge!)