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Advert Calendar - Day 1

Posted by on the 1st of December 2018


First day of the Habbo's Advent Calendar has been released with matroyoshka doll badge!

Room Owner: Megaalakazam

Room Name: The Big Habbo Christmas Game

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1

Enter the Day 1 event room.





Step 2

In the room there is 5 hidden tiles that you need to step on to complete the whole event.

Stand on the spot highlighted in red for the ladder appear near the window.





Step 3

When the ladders appear, step underneath them and you will be teleport on the tile.





Step 4

Interact with the Toy Shop Market Stall shown in cyan highlight and it will then open the rope divider shown in red.





Step 5

Step on the green tile that will appear behind the dolls in second floor.





Step 6

Interact with the Forgotten Toy Chest to open the aquamarine gate on first floor.





Step 7

Pull the lever underneath the table to move the wall to reveal the hidden green tile behind them. Step on that tile.





Step 8

Sit on chair behind the dragon plushy to open the curtains





Step 9

Behind the opened curtains you can find tile on second floor, step on it





Step 10

When Babushka (Grandma) moves, step on the spot highlighted in red





Step 11

Go through the beige one way gate in order to step on the tile behind it





Step 12

When all above tiles has been stepped on new 4 tiles will appear on first floor and when you step on them you will receive your badge and a 2018 Christmas Turtle.