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[Habbobites] Nachos Day

Posted by on the 7th of November 2018


Complete the Nacho Day event and get yourself a cool badge!

Room Owner: taromilkshake

Room Name: [Habbobites] Nachos Day

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Sit on any chair to teleport.

They teleport on random!

Enter the teleporter.







Step 2

Step on one of the two arrow plates to enter the queue.

Turn all the red colour tiles green by standing on them (they will keep changing colour until you walk off). Use the one way gates and work your way through the puzzle.

Only walk on the wooden stages or you will be teleported back to the start. When all tiles are green, run back and step on the green tiles.

You have 1 minute.

Enter the teleporter when done.








Step 3

Double click the Chestnut Roaster to receive your badge.