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Habbonite Battle!

Posted by on the 2nd of November 2018


Complete this badge event and gain 2 badges!

Room Owner: Pine

Room Name: Habbonite [Entrance]

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Stand on the arrow tile and wait in the queue.





Step 2

You have 1 minute to use the stump chair (highlighted in red) and change all the clear tiles to YELLOW. You must avoid standing on the rollers and red tiles otherwise you will teleport out of the game. When all tiles have been changed to yellow and you get to the end, step on the gate to teleport.





Step 3

Go in the teleport.





Step 4

Walk to the white mat when the zombie highlighted is facing the way shown below.





Step 5

You have 5 minutes to follow the path highlighted, do not step on the red tile and use the green X marks for safespots to avoid the Zombie Grunts. There is also a checkpoint which has been highlighted below.






Step 6

Make you way through the one way gates using the path highlighted below.

Note: Make sure to pay attention to the time at :15, the one way gate will turn to stop people going through. Make sure you are on the good side stool next to the white one way gate before the timer resets, if you aren't you will end up back at the start as there are freeze tiles under the colour tiles.





Step 7

Enter the teleport.





Step 8

Stand on either of the duckgrass to gain the badge (green highlight for H badge, red highlight for the potion badge). To gain the other badge you must repeat steps 4-7 and step on the opposite duckgrass to the one you stepped on (do this by going back to the previous room using the teleport shown below).