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Haunted House

Posted by on the 29th of October 2018


Complete the Haunted House and gain yourself 2 badges if you dare!

Room Owner: Catsamlo

Room Name: [Haunted House] ENTRANCE!

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Walk up to the house and say trick or treat to teleport.
Enter tele.




Step 2

Sit on the correct seat to teleport.
Enter tele.




Step 3

Use the moving cursed trap to get to the highlighted cursed trap.
Stand on the correct documents to teleport.
Enter tele.




Step 4

Wait in queue.
Stand on the tiles and answer the questions in order to turn the tiles green, but make you sure you don't get hit by the heads, when the tiles are green stand on any of the colour tiles and say done to teleport.
1. Candy Corn
2. Wednesday
3. Hocus Pocus
4. Samhain 
You have 1 minute to complete this.
Enter tele.




Step 5

Complete the roller maze and stand on star tile at end.
Enter tele.




Step 6

Watch the pink tile and when its done, step on the tile if you are right then you will teleport.
Enter tele.




Step 7

Step on the book to open the secret door.
Step on staircase to teleport.
Two yellow tiles keep changing and disappear, stay on the blue tiles to survive, you have to survive to the end.
Enter tele you get your first badge here.




Step 8

Get the pumpkin to the orange tile at the end, whilst turning all the other tiles orange.
Right switch - Changes direction of arrow tiles.
Left switch - Moves the pumpkin.
You have 1 minute to complete this.
Enter tele.




Step 9

Complete the roller maze.
Enter tele.




Step 10

Go through the pillows avoiding the zombie grunts and make it to the tiles.
You have to do this twice.
If you lose then you go back to start.
Enter tele.




Step 11

Using the pillow, and stand on the pink rollers to push the pumpkin back so it doesn't reach the orange tile.
Enter tele.





Step 12

Flick all the switches whilst avoiding the toys.
When all pumpkins are lit go through the one way gate.
Enter tele.




Step 13

Use the pink tile to step on all the blue tiles and light up all the pumpkins, the end red tile will turn pink, then you will teleport to the pillow for your last badge!