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Halloween Haunted House

Posted by on the 10th of October 2018


Complete the Habboween Haunted House and gain a badge!

Room Owner: Megaalakazam

Room Name: [Habboween]

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Enter tele.




Step 2

Enter tele.




Step 3

Avoid the snakes and the traps.
Avoid the mould, be careful as the disappear.
Using both switches highlighted to move the zombie grunts from the bottom of the stairways avoid hitting the ghouls else you will teleport back to the beginning.
Stand on the 3 moving books, when you have done this flick the switch highlighted to teleport.




Step 4

Flick the switch to receive your first badge.
Enter tele.




Step 5

Enter tele.




Step 6

Use the stairs to teleport.
Enter tele.




Step 7

Only use the patios to cross over, avoid the demon frank statue and the rat  or you will teleport back.




Step 8

Enter tele.




Step 9

Enter tele.




Step 10

Sit on chair and wait to be teleported.
Enter tele.




Step 11

Enter tele.




Step 12

Enter tele.




Step 13

Enter tele.




Step 14

Say Happy Halloween! to receive your Mauve Tortoise