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[HabboBites] The Survival Run

Posted by on the 14th of September 2018


Follow the guide to get this cute badge!

Room Owner: EarCandy

Room Name: [HabboBites] The Survival Run

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Flick the 4 highlighted switches without getting hit by the spiders. When you are finished say "done"





Step 2

Use the gun rack to get teleported





Step 3

Enter the teleporter





Step 4

Use the rocks to get on the other side. Only walk when the scarecrow is turned off





Step 5

Enter the teleporter





Step 6

Enter the queue





Step 7

Use the cannon when the black vulture is next to the jimson weed, as it is shown below. When you hit him the scull moves to the right, when you miss him it moves to the left. Say "done" as soon as the scull got on the red tile.





Step 8

Enter the teleporter





Step 9

Walk through the gate as soon as it opens





Step 10

Make your way to the switch while avoiding the deseased rats using save spots (Some are highlighted below). If you get hit by a rat you will get teleported back. Flick the switch to get teleported.





Step 11

Enter the teleporter





Step 12

Usw the punch bowl to get your badge!