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HFFM Treasure Quest

Posted by on the 11th of September 2018


Complete the Treasure Quest and get a badge!

Room Owner: Hanna.Yeap

Room Name: [HFFM] Treasure Quest

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Wait in queue.




Step 2

Flick the switch and try beat the bot to beat the bot you must get: 
Rock to beat Scissors
Scissors to beat Paper
Paper to beat Rock.
Say done if you get these.




Step 3

Enter tele.




Step 4

Wait in queue.




Step 5

Use the banzai teleporters to reach and flick all five switches to open the gates. 
Once finished, step on the viking ship, you have 1 minute to complete this.




Step 6

Enter teleporter.




Step 7

Use the correct furni on the ship to teleport.
The furni changes.




Step 8

Enter teleport.




Step 9

Pass over the bridge whilst avoiding the blood splats and flick the switch highlighted in red to provide a path to move to the next section (red arrow). Make you way to the grass block at the end.




Step 10

Stand adjacent to the follow items and say *search* to light up the slope lights.
Stand next to the gate and say *open* once all the slope lights are lit, step on the gate.




Step 11

Enter teleport.




Step 12

Pass over to the other side whilst avoiding the spiders.
Stand on the tiles and say *chest*




Step 13

Enter teleport.




Step 14

Walk towards the teleport, enter it but only move when the torches are lit.




Step 15

Walk to the other side of the room only using the wooden platforms.




Step 16

Sit on pillow to receive your badge.