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[HabboQuests] Bank Heist

Posted by on the 7th of September 2018


Follow this guide to get this cute badge!

Room Owner: Loses

Room Name: [HabboQuests] Bank Heist

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Grab a coffe after the current bot show





Step 2

Wait til the bot show is over





Step 3

Enter the teleporter





Step 4

Sit, stand on or interact with the following items:










Step 5

Use the teleport to get to the other side of the bar and interect with the item shown below, say "bank heist" when finished to get teleported to the teleporter






Step 6

Enter the teleporter





Step 7

Enter the gate when it opens





Step 8

Use the switches to avoid that the pressure plates get to the red tile. You have to survive 30 seconds.





Step 9

Walk on the red carpet to get teleported





Step 10

Enter the teleporter





Step 11

Wait in queue





Step 12

Mark all colour tiles green through walking over them. Use the highlighted tile to avoid walking on the rollers. If you step on the roller you will be teleported out.





Step 13

When you have completed that the gates will open, enter them to get teleported. 





Step 14

Enter the teleporter





Step 15

Only move when the camera isn't moving





Step 16

Write *breaks into vault* when you are infront of the bots to get teleported





Step 17

Enter the teleporter





Step 18

Flick the switches to let the numbers start counting. Each highlighted switch starts one number. Flick it again to make it stop. You need to create the code 1682 to open the prision gate.






Step 19

Enter the prision gate to get teleported





Step 20

Enter the teleporter





Step 21

Join the queue





Step 22

Use the arrow tiles to guide the bot on the tile highlighted below. Say "done" when ready.





Step 23

Enter the teleporter





Step 24

Step on the moving colour tiles (highlighted below) to collect all Sacks of coins on the table. Say "done" when finished.






Step 25

Enter the teleporter





Step 26

Stand on the correct confetti to get teleported. 





Step 27

Enter the teleporter





Step 28

Say "Agreed" to receive your badge