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[KT] Wired Maze

Posted by on the 4th of September 2018


Complete this cute maze and get 2 cute badges throughout!

Room Owner: FHL09

Room Name: #[KT] Wired Maze Entrance

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Avoid getting hit by the lupines, step on the tiles at the end.




Step 2

Enter tele.




Step 3

Walk on the colour tiles but only on the same colour tiles on what the unicorn is on.




Step 4

Enter tele, also if there are blockers infront of the tele, you can flick the switch.




Step 5

Make it to the red tile at the end (this is a mockery level so nothing will kill you).
If you teleport back to the start, it will teleport you back to near the end.




Step 6

Flick the switches to move the starflowers, wait for the bot to talk to teleport.
Then get to the end roller, avoid falling off.
Horse jumps automatically move you to the end.




Step 7

Enter tele.




Step 8

Step on a gate to start.
Using the one way gates step on all the tiles to change their colour, avoid the moving star flowers.
You have 2 minutes to complete this.
When all done, the tiles at the gate will turn green, step on to tele.




Step 9

Enter tele.




Step 10

Make it to the end avoid standing on the moving and colliding with the highlighted animals.




Step 11

Enter tele.




Step 12

Flick a switch to join a colour.
You have 1 minute to get 300 points.
Green tile = 15 points
Yellow tile = 30 points
Avoid the red tiles or you are out of the game.
If multiple people play, then its first to 300 wins.




Step 13

Enter tele.




Step 14

You have 1 minute to step on the red tiles, this will take you to the red rollers and then to the green rollers to play.
Flick all 6 switches to turn all 6 tiles green.
Once they are all flicked and the tiles have changed to green, the green one way gate will open, go in!
Wait for the gate to open after adding your score to teleport.









Step 15

Enter tele.




Step 16

Wait in line.
Using the switches, move the star flower to the end tile - the pink highlighted switch moves the flower forward, orange changes it's direction.
When all tiles are green you will automatically teleport.






Step 17

Enter tele.




Step 18

Make it to the end of the roller path, the tiles move onto the rollers when you get to that part.




Step 19

Enter tele.




Step 20

Wait in line.
Use the switches to move the bot towards each colour, you need the bot to step over the colour tile in the middle until it turns green, you will automatically teleport.
You have 1 minute to do this.




Step 21

Enter tele.




Step 22

Step on the tiles to start.
Flick the switches in the order shown (1-4) once are all flicked the gates will ope, you have 30 seconds to do this without getting trapped by the flowers.




Step 23

Enter tele.




Step 24

Make your way through the one way gates to get to the end, avoid staying on the tiles for too long or you will teleport back.





Step 25

Enter tele.




Step 26

You have 3 minutes to complete this, you have to make your way to the green tiles highlighted, avoid the bears, the yellow tiles are safe spots.
Use the banzai to get to the pink teddy part.




Step 27

Enter tele.




Step 28

Wait in line.
Using the arrow tiles, you have 2 minutes to guide the bear to all the red tiles to collect the honey.




Step 29

Enter tele.




Step 30

Step on gates to start.
The game will start when the roses reach the end tile.
You must avoid being hit by the tulips for 1 minute.




Step 31

Enter tele.




Step 32

Wait in line.
Use the switches to stop the tulips on the tiles in order from front to back.
You must do this to ensure that they align with the RIP monster plants.
You have 1 minute to complete this, also, the monster plants pattern changes.




Step 33

Enter tele.




Step 34

Wait in line.
Collect all 132 red blobs within 2 minutes whilst avoiding the moving ghosts.
You get 3 lives.




Step 35

Enter tele.




Step 36

Wait in queue.
Avoid standing on the rollers, use the floral chair to get to the end gate, you must turn all tiles green, including the ones under the chairs.
If you stand on a tile more than once it changes colour again.
Step on the gate when open.
2 minutes to complete this.




Step 37

Enter tele.




Step 38

Automatically moving forward, you must get to the green tiles using the pods, you can go diagonal.
Complete again, for the next part.




Step 39

Enter tele.




Step 40

Wait in line.
Using the arrow tiles, you must guide the pink lupin to the pink tile, once on the pink tile, move the blue lupin to the blue tile without going on the patios.
You have 2 minutes to complete this.




Step 41

Enter tele.




Step 42

Complete the roller maze and get to the green tile at the end, don't let the maroon dragon collide with you.





Step 43

Enter tele.




Step 44

Make it to the end by going through the stump seats, avoid sitting on them for too long otherwise you will teleport back.




Step 45

Enter tele.




Step 46

Grab a balloon to get your first badge.
Enter tele.




Step 47

Get to the end of the path whilst avoiding stepping on the colour tiles.




Step 48

Enter tele.




Step 49

Wait in line.
Match the left tiles to the right, you have 2 minutes to complete this.




Step 50

Enter tele.




Step 51

Wait in line.
Beat the dragon but only walk off the chair you're when it is facing the direction of the path.




Step 52

Enter tele.




Step 53

Wait in line.
Using the one way gates get to the green pod highlighted, don't step on the red tiles and don't stand on the green tiles for more than 10 seconds else you will teleport back.
Then again using the one way gates make your way to the pink pod highlighted, one tile changes red and green only step on when green, also avoid colliding with the unicorn praline.




Step 54

Enter tele.




Step 55

Step on tiles to enter line.
You have 1 minute to do each path and get to the one way gate.
Note: You can sit back on pillow to restep if you mess up.




Step 56

Enter tele.




Step 57

Wait in queue.
You have 2 minutes to get the party hats to follow you to the corresponding colour bear tiles and lock them in, to unlock the hats, you must step on the tiles infront of them. Avoid standing on the red tiles as they will send you to the green one way gate for 5 seconds, also the mouse traps will slow you down if you step on them.
When the bears are on the tiles then step on the tile at the end which will be turn green.




Step 58

Enter tele.




Step 59

Wait in queue.
You have 30 seconds to flick all 4 switches and stand on the centre tile when it is green, avoid colliding with the bears and stepping on the red tiles.

Step on the tile when it is green.




Step 60

Enter tele.




Step 61

Wait in line.
Don't fall off the rollers, carry on going  through the pink one way gate in the middle (using the switches to rotate) to get the unicorn to the cupcakes.




Step 62

Enter tele.




Step 63

Wait in line.
You have until the star flower reaches the red tile to turn the clear tiles green, avoid the moving rocks.

Once done, the tiles in the middle will turn green, step to teleport.




Step 64

Enter tele.




Step 65

Step inside the gate when opens, the game will start after 20 seconds. 
Stay on the rotating rollers for at least 50 seconds (the gate at the end will open after 50 seconds), make it through the gate before it shuts after 10 seconds.
The rollers rotate fast and do not step on the red tiles.




Step 66

Enter tele.




Step 67

Wait in queue.
Make all the colour tiles green whilst avoiding the starflowers and doing this before the starflower gets to the end red tile.
Once you have completed this sit back on the floral seat to teleport.
Step on the tile to teleport.




Step 68

Enter tele.




Step 69

Enter tele.
Wait on the roller, when gate opens step on gate to receive your badge!