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Habbo Autumn Run

Posted by on the 14th of September 2018


Complete this death run to receive a super cute badge! 

Room Owner: kovsky.

Room Name: Autumn Run!

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

You have 5 minutes to complete all of the steps before being teleported OUT! If you die on any section you will be teleported to the beginning, not out.

Make it across the rollers to the tiles highlighted.





Step 2

Avoid stepping on the colour tiles and step on the tiles highlighted. 





Step 3

Make it to the other side using the rollers and one way gates.





Step 4

Using the pods (horse jumps are under that will push you forward) make it to the end.





Step 5

Make it across the rollers to the tiles highlighted, avoiding stepping on the colour tiles that will come up onto the rollers everytime you step.





Step 6

Using the safe spot in the middle, get past the moving grubby weeds without letting them collide with you.





Step 7

Get to the highlighted tile at the end, if you sit on the chairs for too long you will teleport to the start.





Step 8

Go through the yellow gate > yellow gate > red gate (the tile will turn green, walk on it to teleport). Do this for both parts.





Step 9

Make it to the highlighted seat using the rotating one way gates and rollers.





Step 10

Go through the one way gate, flick the switch to rotate the next gate and go through avoiding colliding with the moving items.





Step 11

Make it to the highlighted chair, avoiding stepping on the colour tiles.





Step 12

Get to the chair highlighted by going through the seats (not sitting on them) to receive your badge!