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[HabboBites] Singapore's 53rd National Day

Posted by on the 9th of August 2018


Celebrate Singapore's 53rd with HabboBites and receive a cool badge! 

Room Owner: audemars

Room Name: [HabboBites] Singapore's 53rd

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Pick a lane and complete the telephrase! 

Lane 1: 
How many years has Changi Airport been voted best in the world?
6 years!

Name 3 dishes that are locally accepted as breakfast!
Mee Rebus, Nasi Lemak and Beehoon.

What are the 3 main ethnic groups that populate Singapore?
Chinese, Malays and Indians.

Lane 2:
How many functional terminals are there in Changi Airport?
4 terminals.

What does the MRT stand for in Singapore?
Mass Rapid Transit.

Name one of the MRT lines in Singapore!
North-East Line.

Lane 3: 
Name the first female President of Singapore.
Halimah Yacob.

Singapore celebrates it's Independence/National day on?
9th of August.

What are the national colours of Singapore? 
Red and white.

Lane 4: 
Name the largest 24/7 shopping centre in Singapore.
Mustafa Centre.

Name 2 of Singapore's neighbouring countries.
Malaysia and Indonesia.

Name a popular themed amusement park that resides in Singapore.
Universal Studios Singapore!





Step 2

Enter the teleport shown below.





Step 3

You have 30 seconds to complete steps 3-6.

Sit at an empty table and say *Chope*





Step 4

Stand at the spot shown below and say "Auntie 10 sticks mutton!"





Step 5

Sit back at the empty table and say "Let's Eat!"





Step 6

Once all the tiles are green say "Done!"





Step 7

Enter the teleport shown below.





Step 8

Complete the maze and get to the ring plate highlighted in red. Avoid the moving cars by standing on the safe spots highlighted in green.





Step 9

Enter the teleport shown below.





Step 10

Get a juice from either barrel minibars.





Step 11

Sit in all 4 bins whilst holding the juice. Cross the roads using the pedastrian crossings or you will be teleported back.

Note: You have to get a new juice for each bin





Step 12

When all the lanterns are lit, say "CHOPE!"





Step 13

Enter the teleport shown below.





Step 14

Use anything from the Pasar Malam (night market) to receive your badge!