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HFFM Birthday Party

Posted by on the 7th of August 2018


Complete the HFFM Birthday Party Event and gain yourself a badge at the end!

Room Owner: Skye.

Room Name: HFFM Birthday Special

Status: Unavailable

Step 1

Step on the paper balls to get teleported





Step 2

Enter the teleporter





Step 3

Find the correct seat of the ones highlighted below, this changes randomly





Step 4

Enter the teleporter 





Step 5

Find the correct teleporter





Step 6

Flick the switches to turn all color tiles green










Step 7

Say done and then walk on the clouds to get teleported





Step 8

Enter the teleporter





Step 9

Only walk when the traffic light is red but don't get hit by the bike or you will get teleported back. Step on the floor highlighted in red to get teleported to the goal.





Step 10

Sit on the platform and say *boards train*





Step 11

Enter the teleporter





Step 12

Wait in the queue





Step 13

Keep using the one way gate, highlighted in pink, til the lamp reaches the highlighted startile. You have 30 seconds to complete this.





Step 14

Enter the teleporter





Step 15

Wait in the queue





Step 16

Say the following answeres on the pressure plates: Events, Guides, Radio, Builders, Recruitment, Graphics. Then flick the highlighted switch at the end to get teleported.





Step 17

Enter the teleporter





Step 18

Make your way to the office. Only walk when the smoke is blue.





Step 19

Say "Happy Birthday HFFM!" standing in the office.