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SOON: Classic Rares 2019

Posted by Bigmike on the 17th of December 2018

Read 1835 times by 1291 people

Ombrellone Arancione (Habbo IT)
Ombrellone Arancione RARO (badge)

Green Ice Cream Maker (Habbo --)

RARE Green Ice Cream Maker (badge)

 Jade Smoke Machine (Habbo --)

RARE Jade Smoke Machine (badge)

Aqua Smoke Machine (Habbo IT) 

Macchina del Fumo Acqua RARA (badge)


Pink Powered Fan (Habbo --)

RARE Pink Powered Fan (badge)

RARE Blue Laser Door (Habbo ES)
RARO Puerta Láser Azul (badge)

Blue Giant Pillow (Habbo --)
RARE Blue Giant Pillow (badge)

Black Dragon Lamp (Habbo --)
RARE Black Dragon Lamp (badge)

Doric Gold Pillar (Habbo --)
RARE Doric Gold Pillar (badge)

Gold Ice Cream Maker (Habbo TR)
NAD?RE Alt?n Dondurma Makinesi (badge)


badge_name_ICM06=RARE Gold Ice Cream Maker
badge_name_JLP03=RARE Blue Laser Door
badge_name_PIL08=RARE Blue Giant Pillow
badge_name_RDL05=RARE Black Dragon Lamp
badge_name_RDP09=RARE Doric Gold Pillar
badge_name_RAF05=RARE Pink Powered Fan
badge_name_RIC03=RARE Green Ice Cream Maker
badge_name_SFR04=RARE Jade Smoke Machine
badge_name_SFR08=RARE Aqua Smoke Machine
badge_name_RPA02=Ombrellone Arancione RARO

Credits to Puhekupla.com

Credits Puhekupla.com

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