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Building the next chapter

Posted by Pulx on the 03rd of October 2018

Read 512 times by 393 people

Building the next chapter.

As many of you are probably well aware, Habbocreate has been quiet from a development standpoint for the last 6 months and this is partly my fault, due to real life commitments I had to take a step back from Habbo and the fansite scene in general. First, I would like to apologize to all of our users and staff who have supported Habbocreate past and present that I let you guys down, fundamentally, this community deserves better and I aim to rectify this with v3. Habbocreate started out as an idea to build a creative community for Habbo, quite quickly, we gained tremendous support that enabled us to push the fansite further and further (We are one of the fastest growing fansites, and quickest to become official ever on .COM) therefore it's easy to make mistakes as you learn the ropes of what makes a great fansite. Every month I would push new features, development ideas and campaigns to keep Habbocreate moving forward, despite this being extremely successful for us in the short term, in the long term this also meant that the up-keep and maintenance of the site from a development point of view became much more cumbersome as the months went on, new features means more problems, more issues to manage, more sections of the website to maintain. Whilst I'm not against new features, in hindsight we definitely brought out too many features, too quickly and put features over quality, stability, optimization, and performance - Lesson learned. This meant when development stopped and issues began to arise, they quickly spiraled out of control to the point now, many features and areas of the site are problematic.

What's changing in v3?

Everything. From the site structure to the staff structure we've torn everything down and re-built the site from scratch. We're building what I like to call the next stage for fansites, something completely unique and different, which continues the HBC promise of always providing a unique experience outside of the traditional normalities of fansites. We have built, designed and improved the core features of Habbocreate for v3 - and taken time to address long outstanding issues with all areas of the site. We've put stability, speed, and polish at the forefront of this update, hence why this particular update is taking longer than others. We've also future proofed and designed the site in a way that we can push to release different language versions of Habbocreate, on different hotels - starting with Habbocreate.es in 2019.

Is HBC dead?

Far from it, we've definitely lost some staff along the way and reduced our focus on certain areas of the sites departments - but, our traffic and general activity has actually increased month on month, we've built some amazing features on Habbocreate and these are now recognized by many searches on Google as the go-to site for these terms. This is where our focus shifts, we're not here to become the largest community in terms of staffing numbers, but rather the largest fansite globally from a traffic, usability and game experience point of view. We're stripping back the stresses of staff commitments, weekly tasks and unrealistic goals that simply burn people out and focusing on "community" - The reason we made the fansite in the first place, a group of friends, creating, building and making awesome experiences inside Habbo - That in its essence is our goal moving forward, so in that respect staff numbers are not important to us, what is important to us is that our staff enjoy the community we create, that our staff enjoy the experience of being at our fansite and don't find this to be stressful, cumbersome or a chore from their everyday life. We come on Habbo to have fun, and if you're part of a fansite it should simply become more enjoyable, not a job.

With that in mind, we're also lifting the issue of cross-fansite jobbing. We don't care if you support another fansite, we encourage it. We want you to be free to enjoy HBC, or anything else YOU personally choose to do in Habbo - We're really lifting all restrictions and rules. Full stop.

What can we expect for the future?

Simply put in bullet point format:

1. Exciting new game modes

2. Incredible tools that advance your Habbo experience

3. Awe-inspiring detailed and exciting campaigns made by our community

4. Social nights, activities and fun on a regular basis

5. A drama-free chill experience

6. No stress, no requirements - Just have fun

7. An expansion across the Habbosphere

And much more!

That's it, that's my post - Here's to the future of HBC, and if you're an old staff or friend of mine that doesn't quite have the time or motivation to get back into fansites I definitely recommend you enquire and speak to us directly... lets have some fun and enjoy Habbo :)

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