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New Clothes and Handitem - Christmas 2018

Posted by SkyPirate on the 12th of September 2018

Read 2001 times by 1335 people

New clothes and a handitem have been found for christmas 2018 - see below:

Xmas Wreath


Halo Hat


Rudolph Hat


Snowman Hat


Regiment Jacket

jacket_F_regiment - jacket_M_regiment

Handitem 209


















landing.view.hygge18dungarees.body=Who doesn't fancy wearing a pair of stylish dungarees once in a while? Rare and NEVER to be sold again!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.button=See the rare!
landing.view.hygge18dungarees.header=RARE Logger's Dungarees!

landing.view.hygge18forest.body=Get a bit closer to nature and explore a tiny corner of Denmark's forests with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!

landing.view.hygge18forest.button=See the bundle!

landing.view.hygge18forest.header=Danish Forest Bundle

landing.view.hygge18fox.body=Awwwww. This cute little fox is rare and will NEVER be available again.

landing.view.hygge18fox.button=See the rare!

landing.view.hygge18fox.header=RARE Dozing Fox!

["hygge_r18_fox","Dozing Fox",""]

landing.view.hygge18furni.body=In keeping with the Danish word 'Hygge', our designers have created a small selection of items for you to add that extra bit of comfort to your rooms.

landing.view.hygge18furni.button=See the furni!

landing.view.hygge18furni.header=Danish Hygge Furni!

["hygge_c18_chair","Reading Armchair",""],
["hygge_c18_cushion","Lounging Mattress",""]
["hygge_c18_shelf","Cluttered Shelf",""]
["hygge_c18_stove","Bronze-Plated Log Burner",""]

landing.view.hygge18hair.body=You need this in your avatar editor, people. It's superb, suave and above all Danish! This is a rare item and is never to be sold again.

landing.view.hygge18hair.button=See the rare!

landing.view.hygge18hair.header=RARE Nordic Fringe Hairstyle!

["clothing_r18_hyggehair","Nordic Fringe",""]

landing.view.hygge18hygge.body=Walk through the door and sink into a warm pool of comfort and well-being with this bundle. Comes with exclusive badge!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.button=See the bundle!
landing.view.hygge18hygge.header=Hygge House Bundle

landing.view.hygge18only.body=Classic items of Habbo clothing, fashioned from diamonds. The ultimate status symbol, available now!
landing.view.hygge18only.button=See the items!
landing.view.hygge18only.header=NEW: Diamond Clothing!

Let us know what you think of these in the comments below!

Credit: Puhekupla

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